Holographic Bodywork - Seattle - July 14-15

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Holographic Bodywork - Seattle - July 14-15


Deposit: $150
Total Cost: $375
3 CEUs

Saturday, July 14
5pm - 7:30pm

Sunday, July 15
9:30am - 6pm

New School of Bodywork
11745 9th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125

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In this workshop, Holographic Bodywork, we will look at the body in a new way - a quantum way. Using a high powered microscope, it is possible to examine the activity of our blood cells from just a drop of live blood. It is also possible to see holograms in our blood with this microscope. Josh and Adam Bigelsen, sons of Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, will lecture about this incredible practice of viewing the blood to look for messages from our bodies. (www.BigelsenAcademy.com) They will also discuss how emotions are attached to restrictions and scars in our tissues. Each student will have the opportunity to view their own blood activity (for educational purposes only). Lecture will be held Saturday from 5pm-730pm.

An amazing aspect of viewing blood that is live, is being able to see changes and responses in the body in real time. During the workshop we will trade with a partner and be able to view the blood after our treatment to see what is different as a result of our efforts. 

We are sometimes aware of changes in the energy of our clients after sessions, particularly if we focus on the acupuncture meridians during a session. Students will be able to view impressions of their energy levels with a Bio-Well GDV camera. (www.bio-well.com)

Finally, we will discuss how we might work with clients on a quantum level. Aubrey Lesicki (www.AubreyLesicki.com) will lecture on body armoring, the primovascular system, and how we can incorporate quantum practices into our treatment work. Class will be held on Sunday, from 930am-6pm. 

There is a $150 deposit required to register for 3 CEUs. Once registered, you will receive an invoice from the Bigelsens for $225, for an educational blood consultation and Bio-Well viewing. You will also receive a link to a history form to complete and a confidentiality waiver to download and sign. The total cost for class is $375.

This class will provide the opportunity to explore new possibilities of treatment with somatic bodywork. We are limiting the number of students to 6 to allow for a customized experience. Please register for class as soon as possible to hold your place. We are looking forward to co-creating this mind expanding discussion with you and sharing quantum insights.

This class is open to all open-minded health care practitioners with a license to touch. That being said, only LMTs will likely be eligible for CEUs, as I am an LMT. ~Aubrey*