It takes a team...


Aubrey Lesicki, BS, LMP

Aubrey has a unique mix of experience, working with conventional as well as complementary and alternative medicine. Particularly, she enjoys working in a multi-disciplinary environment with an integrated team approach. She brings her diverse clinical and business background into curriculum development for the Massage Your Practice program. She moonlights as a mammarologist in her spare time. Check out more about her breast massage classes at



Kirsten Blackburn, aka "Lovely Assistant"

If it needs to be done well, Kirsten is the woman you need! She has a diverse background, working in everything from home care to graphic design! When she is not assisting with classes, updating the website, designing class materials, photographing class models, or dreaming of french macarons, she runs a fantastic jewelry shop on Etsy.



Meg Robsahm, MEd, LMP

Meg’s classes are designed to help you adjust how you work while developing skills in being present with clients. Combined with information and supervised hands-on time, classes are as interactive as they are technical. Based on years of professional experience and a deep personal understanding of oncology massage and end of life issues, classes offer time to refresh and renew hands-on and presencing skills while reconnecting with your peers. For more information, please visit

Meg now resides in Minnesota, but after we begged and pleaded, she agreed to commute to Washington State to teach classes with us! But only when the weather is crummy in Minnesota....