My Healing Experience with Holographic Bodywork

The following is a story of one person’s experience with receiving a Holographic Blood Consultation (aka the Bigelsen Method). It is shared to give example of possibilities that can be created with an open mind and a willingness to follow through. By no means is it a testament for all clients’ results or a promise of results in any way. The holographic consultations are for educational purposes only and how clients choose to utilize the information is strictly up to them.

Have you been looking for a shift in your life, or a change in your health? Many of us recovering from chronic illness have these plateaus. Things get better, then they stagnate. We read a new book or hear an interesting TED talk and we try something new. Things get better, then they stagnate again.

This was me 2 years ago when I was first introduced to the Bigelsens. I had been diagnosed with a mood disorder 8 years prior, which required medication and regular talk therapy to stay functional. I had gratefully accepted these things as a necessary part of my life. Being functional is a big milestone for many syndromes and illnesses plaguing humans today.

But I wanted more and was studying how to optimize my health. In particular, I had been trying to make changes with my jaw joint that was imbalanced from grinding my teeth at night. I thought maybe the Bigelsens could offer some insight, since they were really concerned with the structure of the body. As a bodyworker, this made sense to me to align the body for health.

When I attended my Holographic Blood consultation, I was impressed.  I felt this approach was grounded in a wellness philosophy that I could subscribe to. As I learned more from Josh Bigelsen about all the information contained in a drop of my blood, I took a tour through my anatomy. Finally we got to an interesting hologram that I did not recognize. Josh told me that it could be a sacrum with what appeared to be a large emotional block attached to it. He asked me about the health of my pelvis. I have no children and no conditions in my pelvis other than an ovarian cyst years ago. My periods were regular. I couldn’t think of anything significant and have had no surgeries. However, my right sacroiliac joint repeatedly needed osteopathic adjustments. Again, I just accepted this as a part of my life.

“What about the women in your family?” he asked me.

Immediately I knew he was on to something. I had been a forceps delivery, so mother must have had pelvic trauma from that. She had also had a miscarriage. One of my grandmothers had a stillborn baby. My other grandmother was given a hysterectomy for endometriosis, which kept her from having more children. Until the end of her life she was still angry at the doctor her “took” her uterus from her. Could this hologram be an epigenetic manifestation in my system? Time for an experiment.

I scheduled a session with a practitioner to perform neural therapy injections to my pelvis, with bodywork to follow. It was strange electing to perform a treatment when I wasn’t convinced there was anything “wrong”. But I had remembered that I had a thermography the year before that showed “congestion” in the pelvis, which I had ignored at the time, since I had no strong pelvic symptoms. With that additional validation, I decided to proceed. I know as a cranial practitioner that the alignment of the sacrum and pelvis is connected to the alignment of the cranial bones, so maybe this would help my jaw.

Josh was able to attend my appointment. He took blood prior to treatment to show the doctor the holograms involved in my case. The injections and bodywork went well. Afterward, we looked at my blood to register the changes. What?!? We could really see changes that quickly? Absolutely. There were profound changes in the appearance of my blood in less than an hour.

But I can’t say the treatment really made any shift in my jaw symptoms. Rather it changed my life.

For decades I had suffered from insomnia and had to take medication in order to sleep. This was on top of the mood medication that I also took. After my treatment, I found myself forgetting to take my sleeping pills because I didn’t need them to fall asleep. I was still taking some melatonin, but it seemed it was more out of habit. I was sleeping reasonably well without taking anything. This was beyond my wildest imaginings. I had problems sleeping since childhood.

And this quieting of my nervous system extended to my moods. I couldn’t seem to tolerate my mood medication any longer. With the help of my psychiatrist and counselor, I slowly weaned off those pills as well. My mood balance wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was manageable with natural lifestyle changes and other behavioral techniques. I wasn’t dependent on pills and doctors anymore.

Two years later, with a few more neural therapy injections, I am still medication free. I have attended dozens of holographic educational consultations with Josh. And I have worked with as many clients, using the philosophy described by Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, while addressing the issues that appear in the blood. The majority of clients have very positive results, though it takes time and willingness to make changes. This work has transformed my practice and made me a better practitioner. Primarily, this is because I have had the opportunity to witness the changes in the blood after I have treated my clients.

Please join Aubrey, Josh and Adam, in discussing the amazing self-regulation capacities of the human body. We will share more holographic stories and offer you an opportunity to see how your blood changes in response to energy work and bodywork. Each student will receive a holographic educational consultation and a Biowell GDV scan. Lectures will include quantum medicine philosophy and recent discoveries in anatomy. Register here for the Holographic Energy and Bodywork experience.

Give yourself this gift of seeing inside your system and visualizing the power of your work.