Can Washington make massage gender-neutral?

September Newsletter

This month we have updates on regulation, registration and ambulation!


Our peerless reporter was on location in Spokane for the Board of Massage meeting on September 9th. WA-AMTA made a surprise appearance with an incredible gift: legal critique of the ENTIRE WAC, consolidating the text and removing errors and inconsistencies throughout. 

Here is a link to a copy of the suggested edits from AMTA-WA and all things regulatory.

What has proven to be an extraordinary challenge to the Board is creating gender neutral policies around draping and breast massage. While the effort is to be applauded, the execution has received some catcalls. One eloquent practitioner wrote, "Scar tissue does not discriminate between genders or body regions." And another petitioner rejoined, "This is an incredible example of attempting to equalize genders by taking away choice from all genders equally."

Do you have questions about how these changes in regulations will affect your practice? Are there transgender clients in your practice that you would like to support, but you don't know how to have the conversation? How do you handle draping respectfully for women without breasts and men with breasts - cis or trans? We've got you covered!


NSOBA is excited to host Jhana Bach, MA, an international educator specializing in transgender studies.

Owner of Alt Shift Consulting, Jhana's new class is titled "Transgender Clients: What Massage Therapists Do – and Don’t – Need to Know”. It will be held at the Best Western Executive Inn at Taylor and Denny in Seattle, on Friday, October 7, from 12pm-5pm. 4 Ethics CEUs will be provided and early bird registration for $100 has been extended. Here is a brief description:

Are you ready to provide a more welcoming experience and expand your understanding of gender? In this afternoon session, you will get a solid introduction to what it means to be transgender, the physical and emotional process, and how you can support this diverse client population.

Aubrey Lesicki, BS, LMP will be giving an update during class on the most recent draft of WAC 246-830.

Take the next step in bridging the gender gap and support this bravely emerging client population. Register for your Ethics credits here!


We will also sponsor Aubrey "As Seen on KING 5 News" Lesicki from Breast Remedy for a breast massage and self-care series starting November 6. We know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Consider that:

  • you could donate your time and money to breast cancer research, OR
  • you might spend that money learning brest massage and arming yourself with breast health knowledge, thereby offering a much needed service to your clients while increasing revenue.

Here is a link to the classes in her "Breast Care with Confidence series.  Mix and match the classes to create the experience that is best for you and your clients.


The New School is moving from West Seattle to Northgate! We are excited about this move, as it will put the school closer to hotel and conference room accommodations.

Are you a teacher in need of a sponsor? Do we have the 12-Step program for you! Please email and let's see if we can work together to support your massage teaching addiction ;-)

Advancing the profession, one class at a time,
~Your friends at NSOBA