NSOBA Pick Sheet for WAC Chapter 246-830 proposed revisions

If you have different issues that you would like to comment on, we suggest using a “one issue per email” strategy, so your “vote” is properly counted. Your email needs to be sent to massagerulescomments@doh.wa.gov 

If you want to form your own opinions, rather than taking my word for it, download the WAC 246-830 drafts here. (Geesh. People can have so much integrity sometimes. What a bother!)

  • There will be new draping requirements. Everyone, including men, must have a drape on the chest, unless they sign a consent form to have it removed during treatment. The same will apply to glutes. This is silly, but the Department of Health will not change it. Don’t waste your email on this. Just be ready to edit your consent forms to have a check box that says “I consent to having my chest (or glutes) undraped during the treatment” or something similar.  
    Abstain. It will be ok, there is a loop hole.
  • Vote “B is Better for Breasts!” THIS IS IMPORTANT! There are two versions of the Breast Massage section of the code. Version A requires that a woman have a referral for breast massage and have a “diagnosed medical condition”. Version B requires the therapist to have specialized training in breast massage and allows the client to self-refer without seeing a doctor. Even if you don’t provide this service, please protect access to this treatment for yourself and your clients. Requiring referrals and doctor’s visits will only block access to care and not protect the public. Requiring training in this highly specialized service will actually protect the public.
    “Vote B!"
  • Primary training for massage will increase to 625 hours. This is necessary to keep up with new national standards and will create better therapists to help protect the public. The number 625 came from an exhaustive national research study. It’s a good idea. You WON’T have to go back to school- current licenses will be grand-mothered in- but new licensees will have to meet these new requirements.
    "Vote Yes to 625!"
  • Record keeping for all clients will be required. This is going to happen and the requirements are a bit onerous. This section could really use some work and does not have any exemption for chair massage or charity/event massage. Please support an exemption for reduced record keeping for chair and event massage. If you have any experience in writing policies or regulations, try your hand at editing this section and send it in. The Board of Massage responds really well to samples and suggestions, as opposed to blaming and complaints (like most of us ;-).
    ”Vote Yes for chair and event massage exemption!"