Board of Massage Meeting Notes March, 11 2016

Board of Massage 03-11-2016

Senate Bill 6399 / House Bill 2781 - passed the House and Senate and was delivered to the Governor. It will allow approved massage schools to establish transfer programs for students who are transferring education obtained at other schools that are not approved massage schools. From here, the Board of Massage, through the current rules development work, will create criteria that the schools need to follow for granting transfer credits. 

Senate Bill 6181 / House Bill 2425 also passed and is awaiting signature.

The massage credentialing department is still issuing licenses within 14 days! Joanne Miller is also initiating a program to send reminders out to massage schools when they have to renew their certification. 

Massage licensing fees will increase per Blake Maresh (Executive Director). RCW 43.70.250 requires each profession to cover its own cost of operating. Licensing fees have not increased since 2008. The Board has been operating at deficit since 2014. The number of universal discipline reports remains steady at 13,700/year. However, adjudication costs have increased by 50% ($8388k to $1,255k). 30% of these cases pertain to unlicensed massage. The fees will be raised to $125 initial application and $90 for renewal, plus the HEAL-WA fee. CR-102 regarding this increase has been filed and open for public comment. The hearing will be April 28 at 2pm. Adoption will happen May 2016, but will not take effect October 2016. 

Rules Committee
The Board decided to start reading the entire draft WAC 246-830 from the beginning. Actually sat and read while the audience watched. So much for preparation beforehand…
- Definitions section: no change
- Application section: add "Board approved" examination in section (c)
- Licensing by endorsement: this is new and exciting! WA will require 3 years of licensure and practice to transfer. Taking approved exam, have graduated from an approved program of 500 hours, jurisprudence exam and AIDS and CPR training. 
- Transfer of training hours: this section will be totally revamped in the future. 
- Education section: Approval of massage program: big change is that it will be required to have a student clinic. And because we will now allow licensure by endorsement, as well as transfer of education credits, the Board will no longer be reviewing out of state schools. Note: FSMTB is working up model transcript requirements to standardize these to make it easier for license transfer across the country.
- Training section: requirement for primary massage training will increase to 625 hours and will essentially follow curriculums suggested by ELAP :-)
- Curriculum academic standards section: clarity added about requiring direct supervision in student clinic. 
- Continuing Education section: the Board is holding to requiring CPR in addition to the 24 CEUs for every renewal cycle.
- Record Keeping section: no change
- Breast massage section:

At this point, your previously patient and persistent reporter instead got a bit obnoxious and perhaps a wee bit shouty. (Sorry Board.) This lead to the Board discussing the breast massage section for 15 minutes, and STILL not making ANY changes. REALLY?!? Please see a separate, angry blog article on the Breast Remedy website for more details.

Your well-meaning, if shouty, reporter temporarily lost the will to go on at this point, which seriously hampered her note taking abilities. The most important occurrences of note are that the Peanut Gallery (aka Members of the Public) did not appreciate all this disorganized nonsense and told the Board as such. There was some particular lambasting by Diana L. Thompson (We heart Diana!). 

The overwhelming sentiment was that if the Board was going to seriously discuss topics, they should maybe read about them beforehand. This is going to be crucial for next meeting, as the Board will need to decide the make up of the 625 hours for primary massage training at that time.

That’s all for now, unless you missed the previously mentioned angry blog on breast massage regulation. It includes a sample of suggested regulations that are less onerous and more supportive of women’s health and rights over their bodies and new concepts like that. Next meeting is May 13 at 9am in Renton, WA. Hope to see you there!