New School Hiring A Facilitator of Awesomeness

New School of Bodywork Advancement has an opening for a Facilitator of Awesomeness (Doesn't that sound WAY more exciting than admin assistant?). You will recognize yourself in the following description:

  • Fluency in at least 3 social media languages
  • Blog posting capable (similar to word press skills and tags)
  • Workshop planning and set up angel
  • Canva/Pic Monkey worker, or just a monkey worker
  • Deep appreciation (if not addiction) to the Google suite of products
  • Comfortable with Microsoft suite (yes, Excel too, but not Outlook. What is that anyway?)
  • Varied alternative medicine background, especially a flavor of bodywork or energywork
  • Well versed in customer service haiku and network-ese
  • Well developed palate of humor a MUST
  • Committed to 10-12 hours/week, occurring 3 days/week
  • Super-geeked that most work can be done from home
  • Courage to seek out tasks to be accomplished BEFORE being asked
  • Own a custom DeLorean to travel to workshop sites
  • Available on some weekends for previously mentioned workshops
  • Must include a brief critique of one of my blog articles (New School or Breast Remedy blog if you prefer) to be considered
  • Able to start before February 26, or March 6 at the latest (before the Solar Eclipse and Super Moon madness that will happen March 8)
  • Bonus points if you can guess my sign

This symbiotic relationship will involve feeding and changing my email boxes and social media sites, interfacing with teachers, students and clients to arrange marriages, organizing workshop parties, schlepping goodies to said parties, pestering me to finish what I told you I would finish yesterday, and organizing the NSOBA work and class calendar (in Google of course). It will foster an insatiable need to add keywords to every conversation you will ever have, as well as a deep respect for the amazing Human Body and how incredibly healing (and challenging) bodywork can be. I am a healer, teacher, writer, mentor, groovy dancer and successful entrepreneur. I can offer recompense in trade on any of these skills, or a paycheck, or a combination there of.

Email or text 206-395-4325. But please don’t call me, or I won’t call you. And remember to include the article critique. That was not a joke.