Bodywork Is My Facebook-Baby!

I have a confession: I'm brand new to Facebook and social media (ad nausea). I don't really know where I fit in. I don't have kids, I don't have pets. Are all the posts supposed to be about cats? I don't get it.

But "they" tell me that I have to have a Facebook page to promote my business. Dozens of friends and family (kindly) harassing me to join the 21st century on social media did NOT convince me that it was anything less than an evil enterprise. I don't know how other people's brains work, but Facebook layout and flow does not work for me. I like categories more than than random streams of group consciousness. I would like to think about things for a few minutes before the next meme pops up in my face. Maybe that's why I like 90-minute sessions with my new clients. 

Bodywork got me into this mess. And I realize now that it will NOT get me out of it. So how can I make peace with this?

By declaring bodywork as My Baby!

I love massage therapy. I adore anatomy images. I want to clap my hands with joy when a client has a break through and truly commits to self-care because they finally "get it". When my colleagues share new insights about the neurophysiology of fascia, I am enthralled. I don't want to miss any of it, so I go to study groups (play dates?) in my free time. 

So I will "stay connected." I will flaunt my kids wherever and whenever I can. When they write a new story, have a play date, or go to lymphatic massage summer camp, it will hit the bitwaves. I'm really proud of my kids! So here are MY babies:

Massage Smarter was born Oct 6, 2011. He takes after me with a "punny" sense of humor and a great love of learning. He dutifully oversees his younger siblings and is good at business.  

Breast Remedy was born Oct 18, 2014. Another Libra! She wants to differentiate herself from her older brother and is on a women's health care mission. She is an innate teacher like me, but is more flamboyant and likes to lecture to the public. 

New School of Bodywork Advancement is my newest daughter, born Oct 23, 2015. We call her New School. I should have spaced them out better! So much for family planning. I can tell already she has my heart and really wants to connect deeply with people. But a Scorpio is going to be a tricky one to raise.

The test will be keeping these children fed while practicing my craft at Holistic Healing Arts. Fortunately, I am blessed to have great aunties to keep up with them while I'm at work. Things look promising for my little family. Hopefully, everyone is going to be forgiving if I screw up and use the wrong netiquette on the interwebs while I'm bragging about them. Click here to learn more about Breasty and sign up here to get adorable pictures and stories about New School. I just love the little rug rats!